1. How can I book Interhome properties? Which partnership models are available?
  2. What brand shall I use?
  3. Which sales office code (SO) must I use?
  4. Which languages does Interhome Group support?
  5. What's the procedure for test bookings?
  6. How many days before arrival can I make a booking?
  7. How do I book properties that are "on request"?
  8. What can customers expect from a stay? What are the Interhome Group standards?
  9. How do we make changes / cancel bookings?
  10. What do the various parameters and variables mean, e.g. PartnerID, RetailerExtraCode etc?
  11. Which payment methods does Interhome Group accept?
  12. How do guests get to the property? What to consider for the check-in?
  13. How does booking confirmation work? What kind of communication is sent to guests
  14. What is a voucher? When is it sent out?
  15. What is the difference between renting a holiday home and a hotel?
  1. Which partner links should I use to link to Interhome?
  2. How do you track bookings through partner links?


Beginning integration

  1. Where can I find the documentation of the web services?
  2. Which web service calls should I make at what time?
  3. How does the web service work? Do you have additional tools to test response/results?


  1. How to display the additional services / extra costs?
  2. Why do I get different results when comparing interhome.com and the web service's search method?
  3. How do payments with the credit card iframe / secured payment iframe work?
  4. How to block an accommodation for a package? What is a short option?


  1. What is the difference between "ClientBooking" and "RetailerBooking"?
  2. Why does the "Search" method return booked periods?
  3. The VoucherDetail method does not work as expected


  1. What's the procedure for test bookings?
  2. Can you supply us with a test credit card number to conduct test bookings?


  1. Your web service is not working, where can I get support?
  2. Can you provide a list of error codes?

Product / Portfolio

  1. Can we receive additional information from Interhome Group (e.g. address of property, contact name etc.)?
  2. Do all your properties have house names? Can we use house names for a unique differentation among Interhome properties?
  3. Do you have different pricing for different countries of origin?
  4. What is the minimum/maximum stay for each property?
  5. How many properties do you have in a certain place? Can we get a list?
  6. How are adults/children/babies counted regarding the maximum capacity of a property?
  7. Why does the property number suddenly decrease in November?
  8. What do the various brand codes refer to?
  9. Does the Interhome Group offer any third party accommodations? Are there any peculiarities to consider?


  1. How can I get pictures? Is there more information about a picture available? Can I only get modified/new pictures?
  2. How can I get high res pictures?
  3. Is there a guideline for using Interhome pictures?

Customer support

  1. Operational procedures and customer support

Accounting and Payments

  1. Where do I see a list of current bookings?
  2. When do I receive my payments?
  3. How do I get notice about cancellations?
  4. Is VAT or commission included in the prices?