How do payments with credit card / secured payment iFrame work?

When do I need to use the payment iFrame

  • Partners must use the payment iframe whenever wanting to submit payment data to Interhome. The supported payment methods in the payment iframe may vary. Most markets do support credit card (Visa + Master) and PayPal.

  • Bookings with imminent check-in can ONLY be made with immediate full payment. For most source markets the limit is 14 days before check-in.

Where do I find the implementation info for the payment iFrame?

Please do have a look in our Distribution API at chapter "6.5.4 Payment iFrame".

When to show the payment iFrame?

The payment iFrame should be shown to the visitor right after the booking was made via the "ClientBooking" API.

How to test the payment iFrame implementation?

For testing you can use test credit cards.

  1. If the amount parameter contains a value < 1 EUR, an "approval-only" will be triggered
  2. The height of the approval is always 0.90 EUR, even if the submitted amount is only "0.80" or "0.10" cents
  3. The approval amount is not charged by Interhome
  4. The approval amount may temporarily blocked by the credit card issuing bank and appear as a regular payment on the customer's bank statement. Normally, those blocked amounts will be available again not later than 30 days.

How to pay in separate installments? How to differentiate between prepayment / downpayment?

Depending on the terms & conditions of the Interhome sales office, the full amount of the booking is not due until 28-42 days before check-in.

  1. If the booking was made < = 42 days before check-in, the full amount must be paid immediately
  2. If the booking was made > 42 days before check-in customers can choose to either
* Pay the full amount immediately
* Pay in 2 installments. The height of the prepayment will be provided in the request "/booking/reservation/{reservationNumber}" including the "PrePaymentUrl".

What happens if the customer does not pay or submits invalid credit card data?

If the client does not pay timely, the credit card is invalid or it has insufficient funds, the customer will be contacted by Interhome's customer service team and asked to provide payment before arrival.

If the customer fails to make a payment timely before arrival the booking will be cancelled and a cancellation invoice will be sent to the customer.

Will the client be informed, that his credit card payment failed?

Yes, you can link the client to your own URLFailure page (and of course in case of a successful payment to your own URLSuccess page).