What's the procedure for test bookings? What should I test?

Test bookings through web service

Interhome Group provides 2 environments that you can call via web service. Generally, test bookings shall be done in our TEST environment whenever possible.

TEST environment (IHT)

Base: https://ws.interhome.com/test/ih/b2b/V0100/

Guidelines for test bookings in the test environment

  1. Choose an "Interhome" brand property as 3rd party properties may not support different environments

Please note:

  • You might be given a separate PartnerID to use for each environment. Please make sure to use the correct credentials for each environment
  • No emails (invoices, vouchers etc.) are being sent for bookings made in the test environment
  • The test environment is not a "staging" environment. Sometimes, new features are being tested which may cause disruptions.
  • 1-2 times a year, the data from live environment is copied to the test environment. All properties, reservations and partner ids (!) in the test environment will then be overwritten
  • The test environment does not contain the same data (e.g. properties, places) as the live environment. That means you cannot compare the data from the test environments with the properties listed on Interhome's website.

LIVE environment (IHP)

Base: https://ws.interhome.com/ih/b2b/V0100/

The live environment (also referred to as "IHP" or PRODUCTION) is directly connected to our reservation system. It is very important that you follow the following guidelines when doing a test booking in the live environment in order to avoid unnecessary blocking of properties or cancellation fees.

Guidelines for test bookings in the live environment

  1. Please advise your account manager that you want to create a test booking in the live environment
  2. Checkin date: Make long-term bookings (e.g. arrival date at least 9 months from now)
  3. Accommodation: Choose an "Interhome" brand property. Suitable destinations are e.g. Wengen (CH), Norddeich (DE), Dittishausen (DE)
  4. Email: Use a valid email address (e.g. your own email address)
  5. **Name: ** Clearly mark the booking as TEST booking by prefixing both firstname and lastname with TEST
  6. Comment: Add a comment to the booking clearly stating this is a test booking ("TEST booking, please cancel")
  7. Write down the reservation number
  8. Cancel the reservation not later than 24 hours after creation
  9. Please do NOT make short term bookings (< 30 days before arrival)!
  10. Please avoid bookings in high season
  11. Test bookings in the LIVE environment spotted by customer service may be cancelled any time without prior consultation!

NB: You may test read-only web service calls (, etc.) in the live environment any time

Checking the status of a booking

You can check the status of a booking using the web service call .

What to test

This is a non complete list of things to test:

  • Prices: does the price displayed on your web site match Interhome's price
    • … for the same period?
    • … for the same currency?
    • Availability: is the availability information provided correct (with regard to minimum stay and changeover days)
    • Special offers (e.g. last minute, early bird)
    • Additional services / extra costs
      • are all costs for the property displayed?
      • are services bookable?
    • are Interhome's termms of conditions available to the customer before booking?

Upon completion Interhome will review the integration based on a review plan.