Interhome Group accommodation standards

What to expect from an Interhome Group holiday home

Basic standards

As you travel you realise that things can be very different from country to country as well as from region to region. This is what makes travelling and holidays so interesting. Differences are also to be expected in holiday homes. The type and quality of furnishings, and the look of the property, are normally in line with local standards.

We can assure you, however, that the home you chose will meet the following minimum requirements, provided that nothing in the brochure is mentioned to suggest otherwise.

What should you expect to find in your holiday home?

  • Private living area, not for use by any other third party
  • Comfortable seating in the living area
  • Dining table with sufficient chairs
  • Cooking facilities with sufficient pots and pans (ovens and microwaves available only if mentioned in the description)
  • Fridge
  • Sufficient cutlery/crockery

In Addition

  • Heating is available in properties that are available for rent in the winter. The heating cost is included unless stated as an extra. In summer resorts, heating or heaters are only available when mentioned in the description and normally costs extra. No heating is available in Italy from approximately mid April to mid October.
  • TVs are only included where indicated in the description. They are usually in colour. Black and white TVs are very rare but sometimes are provided and will be shown in the brochure description as "b/w".
  • Fireplaces are for use (unless "ornamental" is mentioned), though firewood normally costs extra, provided it is available, or can be bought locally.
  • "Double bedroom" = 2 separate beds pushed together or 2 single mattresses on a double base.
  • "Room with double bed" = 1 bed for 2 people. Many homes have sofa beds (sometimes described as "double divan") or pull out beds in the living room.
  • Holiday homes are not normally equipped with kettles and teapots. All homes have a fridge.

Normal measurements for beds

  • Single bed 190×90 cm.
  • Double bed (1 mattress for 2 people) 190 x 140 cm
  • Double bedroom (2 mattresses) 190 m x 80 cm
  • Bunk beds are more suitable for children and can be quite small.


  • Parking is available when mentioned in the description and will be included in the rental, unless the brochure description says it will be "extra".
  • Public parking is not part of the rental agreement and we cannot guarantee this will always be available.

Distances and Sizes

  • Approximate distances and sizes are quoted, given in square metres and kilometres, as accurate as possible.


  • Facilities belonging to the holiday home or the residence, such as swimming pool, play area, tennis court etc. will be mentioned in the description and will be included in the rental unless stated as "extra" in the description.
  • Public facilities (swimming pools, tennis courts, restaurants etc.) are not part of the rental agreement and we cannot guarantee these will always be available, particularly in low season.


  • The pet symbol by a property indicates that 1 pet will be accepted. If you wish to take more than 1 pet, you must check with service team first.

Quality Grading

Holiday homes are graded by stars by Interhome employees so you can see which standard to expect.

5 stars

Luxury furnishings. Unique and exquisite with the highest possible standards of both furnishings and luxuries. Set in wonderful surroundings. Suitable for guests requiring the very best in both quality and luxury.

4 stars

Top quality furnishings. Very nice, high quality, often with many extra luxuries. Ideal for guests who want comfort and quality.

3 stars

Comfortable furnishings. Comfortable and tasteful.Above average standard. Ideal for guests who enjoy a nice, comfortable holiday home.

2 stars

Basic furnishings. Average standard with practical furnishings usually in local style. Ideal for guests who do not require a great deal of home comfort.

1 star

Simple furnishings.Very modest with little comfort. Mostly with older furnishings. Ideal for guests who are on a tight budget looking for a bargain.