What is the workflow when a new booking is made? What kind of information is sent to guests?

  • All of the below is related to bookings made in "direct encashment" mode only (Interhome being merchant of record and taking payments from the guests).
  • For bookings in Interhome's TEST environment, no communication is sent out!
Action/ConditionBooking status after actionCommunication after actionWhen?ExampleComment
New booking made with Interhomepending / WWConfirmation email sent to customerImmediateExample confirmationAll new bookings are made with status PENDING. A confirmation email is sent out immediately after booking to inform the guest Interhome has received the booking correctly.
Interhome customer service reviews bookingconfirmed / OKInvoice sent to customersoon (1-6 hours)Example invoice Bookings without payment or failing basic plausibility tests will be manually reviewed by the Interhome customer service. This may take up to several hours.
Interhome or partner cancels booking (fees apply)cancelled / CACancellation invoice sent to customerImmediateCancellation fees are calculated automatically according to Interhome's T+C
Interhome cancels booking (without fees)cancelled / XX(Optional) Cancellation invoice sent to customerImmediateSometimes reservations can be cancelled without costs. The customer service agent cancelling a booking can decide whether a customer will receive a confirmation of the free cancellation. Often no cancellation invoice is sent for test bookings.
All payments receivedunchangedVoucher is sent out4-6 weeks before check-inExample voucher