Interhome codes, names, definitions

NameOther namesDescription
PartnerIDUsername, RetailerCodeA unique ID that Interhome uses to identify partners. It starts with 2 letters, followed by 6 or 7 numbers.
Example: CH209999, DE1001234 or IC1000099.
A PartnerID is usually valid only with a specific Sales Office. If you work in various source markets more than one PartnerID may be issued. It will be provided to you by your account manager upon setting up a retailer/affiliate account for you in our reservation system.
TokenA token will be provided to you along with your PartnerID. It is needed to send bookings via the web service.
PasswordA password will be provided to you along with your PartnerID. It is needed in order to login to the partner portal (to maintain bookings or get commission reports).
Alpha-numeric text that that will be stored in Interhome's reservation system, e.g. some marketing code, partner's customer id etc.
SalesOfficeSO, SalesOfficeCodeThe Interhome sales office code that must be used to receive pricing information and terms of conditions.
Name of your staff member that made the booking
AccommodationCodeNref, object id, property idUnique ID of an Interhome property
Arrival datestart date, check-inStart day of a reservation
Departure dateend date, check-outEnd day of a reservation
Booking datecreation dateThe day when a reservation was made