Commission payments

  • Commission base: Interhome pays commissions based on the rental price or on the cancellation fee
  • Time of payment: The payment takes place on the last day of a month for all check-ins in that month. If the last day of the month is not a business day, the payment will be done on the first business day of the following month
  • Payment statement: The statement will be sent by mail or emailed to you (PDF)
  • Payment file: The payment file will be available online 1 day after the payment was made
  • Frequency: The payment interval for commissions is either quarterly or monthly, depending on volume
  • Payment method: Payments within EU/CH are done by bank transfer (SEPA)
  • Payment details: The statement will feature the details of all bookings and the commission that you will receive
  • Entitlement: bookings are eligible for commission only if they have been paid

Currency conversions

If you have a contract with HHD AG (and hence receive centralized payments from the head office in Zurich) you will receive your commission payments in a single currency only. If you make bookings in other currencies the commissions of those bookings will be converted to the currency agreed on. The exchange rate used for conversions is updated every Monday.

Commission overview / payment file

An overview of all payments in CSV format can be downloaded on the Partner Portal:

  1. Visit the Partner Portal
  2. Login using your PartnerID and password
  3. Select "Reporting" in the menu

Example documents