Booking procedures for "on request" periods / short term bookings

In 2 cases, bookings can not be made automatically:

  1. If the selected period is "on request"
  2. If the booking is too short notice (e.g. the customer wants to book only 1 day before check-in)

On request periods

Certain properties are only available on request. This means that the booking cannot be confirmed in real-time. Please contact our customer service to initiate any on request booking inquiries.

Short-term bookings

Before accepting short-term bookings Interhome needs to inform the key holder/owner to guarantee a smooth hand-over of keys.


For both short-term bookings and booking of on request periods reservations are only possible by contacting the Interhome customer service (via phone or email).

Interhome will then contact the owner who will either confirm or reject the booking. Please note that the booking is obligatory for clients in case of a confirmation. To ensure the binding character of these requests, we start them while inserting credit card data of the client into our system.

Also credit card payment is mandatory for short-term / on request bookings.