What is the difference between "ClientBooking" and "RetailerBooking"?

Interhome basically offers 2 different partner models:

  1. direct encashment/fulfillment Interhome

The client is being taken care of by Interhome. All client details (address, contact and payment information) is submitted to Interhome and we will contact the customer directly.

  1. agency encashment/fulfillment partner

The client is being taken care of by the partner. You are responsible for collecting the client's payments. Interhome only collects the client's name and will send invoices and arrival information (voucher) to you.

Overview of the differences between the 2 variants:

Partner modeldirect encashment (fulfillment: Interhome)partner encashment (fulfillment: partner)
Data flowAll client details (address, contact (email, phone) must be submitted to InterhomeOnly client name / first name is submitted to Interhome
Booking methodsWeb service, Partner linkPartner portal, Web service, GDS
Confirmation Email ((an automated confirmation email is sent by Interhome right after a booking is made))Sent for bookings through partner link onlysent by partner
InvoicesInterhome sends invoice directly to clientInterhome sends retailer invoice to you. You create your own invoice and send it to the client
Client paymentsInterhome collects payments from clientYou collect payment by client
VoucherInterhome sends voucher directly to clientInterhome sends voucher to you. You forward voucher to client. Voucher is available only 4-6 weeks before check-in!
Commission paymentsInterhome pays commission to you after the client's arrivalInterhome withdraws the rental price (minus commmission) from your bank account
Customer care, cancellationsThe client calls Interhome. Client is charged according to Interhome's cancellation policy.The client calls you. You are charged according to Interhome's cancellation policy.
Webservice method to useClientBookingRetailerBooking ((RetailerBooking may not be available in certain source markets, e.g. Germany))
RatifyBooking ((all bookings made need to be ratified within 2 hours of creation, or they will be voided))