Linking to Interhome

Several options allow you to earn commission by linking to Interhome.

Linking options

You can

  • add text or banners to your site that link to the Interhome website
  • include the iFrame (displaying the Interhome website as a "white label" variant without logo or navigation)

Banners and other advertising media are available on the Interhome Partner Portal. Please access with your login. Use our iFrame demo tool to get the proper URL for your website.



Search results:

Startpage (white label):

Search results (white label):

Property details of accommodation DE2981.100.3:

Search result for Côte d'Azur, France:

Linking to booking process (white label):

Submitting customer information to the booking process:


Links should point to Forward.aspx when linking to Interhome. This allows for a dynamic construction of the URL based on the parameters listed below.

You can use the following parameters with "Forward.aspx" to modify the appearance or content of the website:

ParameterTypeExample valueDescriptionScope
PartnerIDStringCH1000833Partner's ID in Interhome’s reservation systemGeneric
PartnerIDzuStringAbcdef12345An optional, alpha-numeric code that that will be stored in Interhome's reservation system, e.g. some marketing code, a customer id etc. We will include this parameter in the payment file which makes it easier for you to reconcile bookings (e.g. through 3rd parties).Generic
iniframeInteger1Enable iframe modeGeneric
String7BDB74Hexadecimal color codes to adapt colors to your CI. To be used in Iframe / whitelabel version onlyGeneric
navigationidInteger10ID of the page to forward to; Allowed values:
3 = start page
4 = search result
10 = property details
12 = booking
ShowFooterLinksBoolean0Disables the display of the "footer links" (contact, about, imprint)Generic
dtCheckinDate2015-07-15Date of arrival / checkin (YYYY-MM-DD)Search, Booking, Property details
DurationInteger7Duration of stay in days; Duration will be disregarded if not checkin date is suppliedSearch, Booking, Property details
aCodeStringDE2981.100.1Interhome accommodation codeProperty details, Booking
lCodeStringFRISO-639-1 language code; only works for domains that support multiple languages (e.g.,, …)Generic
CurrencyStringCHFISO 4217 Currency code (3 digits); Currency can only be specified for domains that support multiple currencies (e.g.
cCodeStringCHISO-2 country code List of Interhome country codesSearch
regionCodeInteger09Region code
- valid region code as specified in Interhome's export files
- cCode must be specified as well
List of Interhome region codes
placeCodeInteger2981Place Code
- valid place code as specified in Interhome's export files
- cCode must be specified as well
List of Interhome place codes
casaIntegertrueAccommodation type for special houses/apartmentsSearch
swisspeakIntegertrueAccommodation type for SWISSPEAK Resorts apartmentsSearch
PaxInteger4Number of travelers (total of adults and children)Search
PetsInteger1Pet allowed
0 = not allowed
1 = allowed
BedRoomsInteger2Minimum number of individual bed roomsSearch
BathRoomsInteger2Minimum number of bath roomsSearch
QualityInteger4Minimum quality rating (number of „stars“) of properties to display
Multiple star rankings can be specified separated by commas, e.g. 1,2 or 3,4,5 etc.
maxPriceInteger1300Maximum price for the staySearch
Integer500Maximum distance to specified activity/POI in meters
DistanceToSeaOrLake and DistanceToGolfCourse are not supported by the website at the moment
Integer1Facility which a property must haveSearch
Integer1Pool facility which a property must haveSearch
specialOfferstringebdPossible Values
- ebd = early bird discount
- lastminute = last minute offers
- any = any special offer
adrSalutationInteger11 = Mr, 2 = MsBooking
adrLastNameStringDoeCustomer surnameBooking
adrFirstNameStringJohn-PaulCustomer given nameBooking
adrStreetString400 Main StCustomer address: streetBooking
adrStreetAddStringApt 302Customer address: additional address informationBooking
adrZIPStringV6A 2W1Customer address: zip codeBooking
adrPlaceStringLondonCustomer address: placeBooking
adrCountryStringGBCustomer address: iso country codeBooking
adrPhoneString00441234567890Customer address: phoneBooking
adrEmailStringemail@example.comCustomer address: emailBooking
adrAdultsInteger2Number of adultsBooking
adrChildrenInteger2Number of childrenBooking
adrBabiesInteger1Number of infantsBooking

iFrame / white label variant

If you want to display the Interhome properties within the context of your own website you can do so by adding a frame to your website in which the Interhome site will be displayed.

By adding the parameter "iniframe" to the Interhome URL, the Interhome navigation and header will be disabled which makes it easier to fit the content within the frame being displayed on your website.

Have a look at the iFrame demo page to see an example and the according HTML code to use.


When a visitor is redirected to the Interhome website using a valid partner link, the is stored in a cookie that is saved in the client's browser.

Subsequent bookings made by that visitor are credited to the , if the following conditions are met:

  • the PartnerID is valid and active
  • the PartnerID is valid for the domain used

Validity of partner ids

A PartnerID can only be used with a particular domain.

Example: if you have a PartnerID that was issued in France (e.g. FR701234) you can only use it to link to the French domain ( Partners who are operating on several domains have to contact their account manager to set up an international PartnerID.

Additional URLs and redirects

Unless otherwise specified, the following URLs are valid on all Interhome domains and the domain is used as an example.