How to display Interhome services

For some properties Interhome offers additional services (also referred to as "extra costs" or simply "services") that are not included in the final price.

Service examples

local taxmandatoryon spotper person and per day
final cleaningmandatoryon spotonce per stay
bike rentaloptionalon spotper person per day
bed linenoptionalon spotper person per week
extra bedoptionalinvoiceper person per week
booking feemandatoryinvoiceonce per stay

As you notice from the table above, some services (such as final cleaning) are mandatory, others are optional. Some costs are to be paid at the time of booking, others are to be paid on spot. Some are payable once per stay, others are payable per person and/or per day.

All of those services must be displayed to potential clients prior to the booking in order to clarify what will be included in the final prices and what is to be paid on spot!

Retrieving service details

In order to display all services relevant to a particular accommodation it is necessary to retrieve the information from "/accommodation/services" or "booking/checkPrice"

  • (includes all mandatory services that will appear on the client's invoice)
  • (includes all services to be paid on spot)
  • (includes all services related to a sales office)

Service types

service type codebookable?optional or mandatoryincluded or extrapayableexample
N1yesoptionalextrainvoicecot, high chair, wifi, pet, insurance
N2yesoptionalincludedinvoicecot, extra bed, pet
N4yesoptionalextraon spotpet, extra bed, garage
Y2nooptionalincludedinvoicebed linen, final cleaning
Y4nomandatoryextraon spotdeposit, local tax
Y5nooptionalextraon spotparking space, half-board, bed linen
Y6nomandatoryextran/atowels, bed linen