What do the various brand codes refer to?

Our API provides the element “brand” in the accommodation detail response which might be used to differentiate between Interhome accommodations and properties supplied by 3rd parties.

This page lists some of the brands and the exceptions that apply to it.

Frequent exceptions for 3rd party content

  1. If not otherwise specified, all 3rd party content is updated once per day (including all property data, descriptions, pictures, availabilities, prices etc.), typically in the morning (CET). Updates of 3rd party content are included in the next respective Interhome export files generated
  2. Sometimes not all languages are supported by 3rd party products
  3. Some 3rd party products do not support daily prices
  4. Photos might have lower quality (sometimes upscaled)

Exceptions for "host to host" content

  1. RetailerBooking method is possible until 32 days before check-in only

List of brand codes

Brand ((also referred to as "Company type"))CompanyHost to hostCount ((number of properties))Description
ALPAlps Resorts215Interhome 3rd party property
AMAInterhome57Interhome standard product
APAInterhome207Interhome standard product
ATEAteya9Interchalet 3rd party property
BEMGreen Resort Mooi BemelenInterhome 3rd party property
BOSRecreatiepark De BoshoekInterhome 3rd party property
BREDe BrenkbergInterhome 3rd party property
BIWBungalowpark iit WiidInterhome 3rd party property
DMZDe Meerparel & ZeeparelInterhome 3rd party property
DUIDuinhoeveInterhome 3rd party property
DVHNatuurlijk de VeenhoopInterhome 3rd party property
EMSBungalowpark EmslandermeerInterhome 3rd party property
ICInterchalet~11000Interchalet standard product
ICBInterchaletInterchalet 3rd party property
- No possibility for (short) options
ICIInterchaletInterchalet 3rd party property
- No possibility for (short) options
ICVInterchaletInterchalet 3rd party property
- No possibility for (short) options
ICCInterchaletInterchalet 3rd party property
- No possibility for (short) options
ICMInterchaletInterchalet 3rd party property
- No possibility for (short) options
ICPInterchalet PackagesInterchalet standard product
EUPEuroParcsInterhome 3rd party property
FERFeratelyes922Interhome 3rd party property
- no daily prices available
- R+A are updated hourly
- Descriptions available mostly only in languages DE, FR, EN
- Some properties have a minimum occupancy which may cause price requests to fail (error message "Objekt is not available"). Request prices with maximum occupancy as workaround
IInterhome21411Interhome standard product
ILInterhome LIGHT2842- Descriptions available mostly only in languages DE, FR, EN, ES, PL, IT, NL, DA, CS
LLomarengasyes2427Interhome 3rd party property
- no daily prices available
- No "outside description", all property information is included in "inside" description
- Descriptions available mostly only in language EN
LANBungalowpark LandsradeInterhome 3rd party property
LEIBuitenhof De LeistertInterhome 3rd party property
MInterhome56Interhome standard product; no sales in ES and HR
MAPMarinaPark Bad NederrijnInterhome 3rd party property
NEMNemea127Interchalet 3rd party property
NFMInterhome82Interhome standard product
ODAOdalysInterhome 3rd party property
PMPPremium Parcs BVInterhome 3rd party property
- no daily prices available
- R+A updated twice per day
- Mostly only translations for DE, FR, EN
- No possibility for (short) options
SOLSol og Strand6000Interhome 3rd party property
SPRInterhome101Interhome standard product
SOWSowellInterhome 3rd party property
STHStelhoeve Recreatiebedrijf BVInterhome 3rd party property
SUCInterhome 3rd party property30Interhome 3rd party property
TABInterhome 3rd party propertyyes1191Interhome 3rd party property
- No possibility for (short) options
WIRWiringherlantInterhome 3rd party property
UNIUnivacance B.V.Interhome 3rd party property
VAAvan der AaInterhome 3rd party property
VEGVakantiepark Eigen WijzInterhome 3rd party property
VTBVakantiepark De Thijmse BergInterhome 3rd party property
WAOWaterrijk OesterdamInterhome 3rd party property
YCenter ParcsInterhome 3rd party property
ZSunparksInterhome 3rd party property
ZPADe Zeeuwse ParelInterhome 3rd party property