Partner Integration V5 API: Review plan

StepPartDescriptionConditions of Satisfaction
1Search processPerform a seach for a region where Interhome has properties (e.g. Switzerland/Valais/Zermatt)Do you see an Interhome property?
2Search processCheck the picture displayed in the search resultIs the "main" picture displayed (e.g. house picture)?
3Search processCheck the price displayed in the search resultIs the correct price displayed in the overview? (e.g. overall minimum price, price for selected week)
Select an Interhome property and continue on the object detail page
4ObjectDetailPageCheck additional attributes such as pax, rooms, bed rooms, sqmIs the information accurate?
5ObjectDetailPageCheck the apartment descriptionIs the apartment description accurate?
6ObjectDetailPageCheck the house descriptionIs the house information accurate?
7ObjectDetailPageCheck the availability/calendarIs the availability up-to-date and correct?
8ObjectDetailPageCheck the pricesAre the prices displayed correct for the chosen currency?
9ObjectDetailPageSpecial offers displayAre special offers displayed?
10ObjectDetailPageCheck the pictures displayedAre the pictures up-to-date and do they show the correct property?
11ObjectDetailPageCheck additional services/extra costsAre all extra costs and additional services listed clearly?
12ObjectDetailPageCheck mapIs the property's position on the map correct?
13ObjectDetailPageCheck alert textsAre alerts for the property displayed (if applicable)?
Select a date and try to book a property for a week
14Booking processPrice for the chosen stayDoes the displayed price match with the official Interhome sales price for the selected currency?
15Booking processBooking of additional servicesAre additional services for the chosen start date correct? Are they bookable?
16Booking processCheck booking formpIs the client asked to provide the following details?
- gender/salutation
- firstname
- lastname
- address (street, zip, country)
- email address
- phone
17Booking processCheck Interhome conditionsAre the Interhome general conditions made available to the customer?
18Booking processMake a test booking using your email address.
When using our LIVE environment (also referred to as “IHP” or PRODUCTION) please make sure to follow these guidelines:
- Make long-term bookings (e.g. arrival date 9 months from now)
- Use a valid email address (e.g. your own email address).
- Clearly mark the booking as TEST booking by prefixing the firstname and lastname with TEST.
- Write down the reservation number.
- Cancel the reservation not later than 24 hours after creation.

When using the TEST environment, not special procedures need to be followed. NB: no emails will be sent for bookings in the test environment.
Does the data you entered in the booking form match the data in Irent? Please pay extra attention to
- correct email address
- correct phone number
- unusual characters in names and address
- the customer language
- payment information
19Payment Iframe (if applicable)Enter faulty credit card in Payment IframeAre you redirected to the according FAIL Url?
20Payment Iframe (if applicable)Enter faulty credit card in Payment IframeAre you redirected to the according SUCCESS Url?