Web service issues

If you are experiencing issues with the web service please try the following before contacting us.

Error codes

If the web service returns an error you may want to have a look at the list of error codes for additional information.

Unexpected / invalid responses

Please check the Distribution API demo tool and see if you can reproduce the problem.

Support inquiries

Web service / API

In order to sort out the problems you are experiencing, please send us

  1. the full HTTP REQUEST (headers and body, if applicable) that your application sends to our servers
  2. the full HTTP RESPONSE (headers + body) that your application receives
  3. the hostname and URL / path

As many problems are caused by sending invalid XML (e.g. an incorrect authentication header) please do NOT send a variable dump.

Timeouts / slow responses

If you are experiencing timeouts please also include

  1. the IP address from which you are sending requests
  2. the IP address that the Interhome host name resolves to
  3. your timeout limit


If you are experiencing timeouts, e.g. while connection to our API, please check

  1. if a maintenance is taking place which have been announced
  2. if the issue is caused by your network

Please post all support inquiries to your local account manager or to partners@interhome.group