Error codes and messages (only applies for depreciated REST/JSON Webservice)

Web service

Please note: the following list is not complete and is being extended gradually.

List of error and success messages

Status CodeNameDescription
054Contract and/or price region not foundNo prices for the requested timeframe or no active contract available
055Check for dup reservation failed. If booking is real, pls try again laterBooking is checked on Accommodation Code, CheckIn, CheckOut, Travellers and Partner ID. If there is more than one booking with the same content within 15min, this error is provided in order avoid duplicate bookings.
200SuccessRequest successful— requested data is returned to client
201Success createdRequest successful— requested data is returned to client
204Success no contentRequest successful— no data is returned
400Bad RequestMandatory input was omitted (in the query string or request body), a field wasn’t in the expected format or the request was otherwise invalid
401UnauthorizedPartnerID and/or Token were omitted or erroneous
403ForbiddenThe Partner does not have permission to access this Web service
404Not foundThe requested resource does not exist
405Method not allowedThe HTTP-Method used is not allowed on this URI
406Not acceptableAn invalid response format was requested
410GoneResource no longer available
415Unsupported Media TypeThe request has an invalid Content-Type
427Too many server requestsLimitation of requests per second (Test-System has max of 50 requests per second. Production System max of 200 requests per second.)
500Internal server errorInternal application error
503Service unavailableService not available
999Invalid RequestThe Retailer must be in the same country as the Sales Office

Example of error returned by web service

<ReadBookingResponse xmlns="">
            <Description>Invalid retailer code</Description>

Reservation System (Focus)

Please note, that the following errors are generated in our core system. The error messages might not be in full context with your request.

NB: the "&" characters are variables that will be replaced with with dynamic content

1   SO-No. not found or missing
2   Searchvariant not allowed
3   No Data found or not allowed !
4   Undefined Funktion in & . Please inform IT
5   NRef is missing or not complete. Please enter NRef
6   Calculation Sales Office missing. Please insert Sales or Calc Office
7   Sell-Currency is missing. Please insert Sales Office
8   Startdate is missing. Please insert Startdate
9   Enddate or Duration is missing. Please insert Duration or Enddate
10  Object can not be booked. Object is not available.
11  Result is not clear. More restrictions needed.
12  Bookingrules not found (ZISOBJBRULS)
13  Reservation is closed by user &
14  Please try again (Systemlock)
15  No reservation found
16  Search parameter missing
17  Partner/Retailer not found
18  Customer not found
19  Retailer or Partner not found
20  Booking language missing
21  Please insert a Customer or Retailer.
22  Connected Reservation not found.
23  Calculation SO-No. not found or missing.
24  Sales Office not found for Retailer & &
25  Please insert Sales Office or Retailer
26  Language is not permitted &
27  The Retailer must be in the same country as the Sales Office
28  Start date and end date are missing
29  Start date is missing
30  End date or duration is missing
31  Too many extra beds selected
32  Too many baby beds selected
33  Too many pets selected
34  Select another Retailer or enter a customer
35  Number of travelers is missing
36  Inkasso only for Customer or Partner not for both.
37  Inkasso must be selected (Customer or Partner)
38  Access denied
39  Too many search criteria
40  Invoice only for Customer or Partner not for both
41  Travel docs for Cusotmer or Partner not for both
42  Invoice must be selected (Customer or Partner)
43  Travel docs must be selected (Customer or Partner)
44  Start date is missing
45  End date or duration is missing
46  End date is smaller than start date
47  Start date is in the past
48  Duration and end date do not match together
49  At least SO or Partner/Retailer is needed
50  Selection & is larger than selection &
51  Option not possible. Reservationstatus is &
52  Reservation is too short term.
53  Service & & not found.
54  Contract and/or price region not found
55  Object price not found (price regions)
56  Save as OK is not-possible. Reservationstatus is &
57  Save as CR is not-possible. Runcode is &
58  Save as WW is not-possible. Runcode is &
59  Invoice client text too long - max 240 char!
60  Voucher text too long - max 240 char!
61  Text is needed
62  Price is needed
63  Percentage is needed
64  Service not booked. Processing was cancelled
65  Insert an Objectreference
66  Insert a Traveler.
67  Too many persons selected
68  With pay code E or F a freetext is mandatory
69  Insert number of Travelers (Adults, Child, Infants)
70  Reservation has been modyfied by another user
71  Insert PrePayment Type (E-Pay/I-Pay).
72  Insert Payment Type (E-Pay/I-Pay).
73  Insert Yes or No Pets in Booking Details
74  Pets not allowed
75  Insert Dispatch Type (Mail / Post / Print).
76  Attention, Dun Date change not possible for more than 5 days
77  Insert a Source Key
78  Insert a correct title
79  Optiondate only possible until &
80  Modify not possible. Date of occupation is set.
81  Cancel not possible. Status is already 'XX'.
82  Free amount is less than Pre-Payment.
83  Insert a Customer (Direct encash.)
84  Amount must be negative
85  Retailer Country is missing
86  Retailer Number is missing
87  Retailer not found
88  Retailer not active
89  Invoice only possible for Partner
90  Invoice only possible for Customer
91  Price not found
92  Free amount is greater than Open Balance
93  Pay is greater than Open Balance
94  Pay Code is missing
95  Booking Language & not allowed for Sales Office &.
96  Disp Invoice Email not possible. Customer has no Email-Address.
97  Disp Invoice Email not possible. Retailer has no Email-Address.
98  Disp Voucher Email not possible. Customer has no Email-Address.
99  Disp Voucher Email not possible. Retailer has no Email-Address.
100 Reason 'I' invalid, Service with Prccode 'ADD' or 'CXL' is missing.
101 Reason is missing
102 No electronic payment received / Payments have to be set on 'I-Pay'
103 Pay is missing
104 Wrong Pay-Date
105 & & & &
106 Keyholder-Country missing
107 Proprietor-Country missing
108 BO-Country missing
109 Partner-Country missing
110 Touristic Region - Country missing
111 Touristic Region missing
112 Keyholder-Number missing
113 Proprietor-Number missing
114 Buying Office missing
115 You are not authorized for this Retailer
116 Insert Retailer
117 You are not authorized for this Buying Office.
118 Retailer or Buying Office is missing.
119 Cancel not possible. Date of occupation is set.
120 Number of Pets is missing or too high.
121 'NO' Pets and Number of Pets not valid.
122 Customer is not complete
123 No history for reservation: &
124 Prepayment is bigger than Total Amount
125 Modify not possible. & &
126 Cancel Process occured an error!
127 Cancel Process Timeout!
128 Dunning entries can be modified!
129 Modification not possible. Reservation is blocked by user &
130 Save reservation with inactive customer is not possible
131 No valid Promotion.
132 Shortterm booking not allowed!
133 Company Code to Ext.Ref. is missing!
134 Firstname is mandatory!
135 Can not get CashBook period for this date
136 Date is not in an active CashBook period! Please change date or period
137 Retalier Client Copy Not Possible for Customer Encashment !
138 Amount too low for booking!
139 Service & & & not available
140 Allotment not found for & & &
141 One service of service group & is mandatory!
142 Startdate must be between Reservation start/enddate !
143 Date is not within the reservation date!
144 Save reservation is not possible after EXIT
145 Too many infants / max. infants: 2
146 Too many infants / max. infants: 4
147 Discount amount must be smaller then totalprice !
148 Attention, PURO missing. Enter a negativ PURO or add an additional info
149 Attention PURO positive, Enter a negativ PURO or add an additional info
150 Attention PURO positive/OVER missing, add OVER or additional info
151 Invalid duration
152 Invalid arrival- or departureday
153 Wrong option expiry date!
154 Pax is bigger than maximum occupancy! &
155 Infants are bigger than maximum babys occupancy! &
156 Main BO missing!
157 Please enter a valid Main BO!
158 Serviceallotment & & & not sufficient!
159 Total Amount cannot be negative.
160 Max. duration of & bookable due to legal restrictions (Cat. of Residence)
200 Duration is not valid. Valid is 7, 14, 21, etc..
201 Duration is not valid. Valid is & and more days. (Flexbook)
202 Duration is not valid. Valid is from & to & days. (Shortbreak)
203 Duration is not valid. Minimumstay is & days.
204 Startday is not valid. &
205 Contract is missing for the whole duration.
206 Arrival day is not permitted & & & &
207 Departure day is not permitted
208 Wrong Source Key.
209 Attention, Begin Date is in the past.
210 Partner & & is not allowed for this SO.
211 Endday is not valid.
212 No match for price selection!
213 Attention: Stop Sales is active for object !
214 Irent-Pax not equal "Just France Ferries" Pax
215 No Data from Provider received !
216 Insert Supplier ID and Ext. Book Ref.
217 Error during XML-Transformation !
218 Card number missing & !
219 Card type missing & !
220 Invalid card type &  !
221 Invalid card number & & !
222 Normal Points missing !
223 Total Points missing !
224 Number of Total Points not correct & & !
225 Number & already exist !
226 Attention, open Totalpayment, no Dun Date change possible
227 Attention, Dun Date change not possible for more than 14 days
228 Attention dunning dates has been reset, please check!
229 You are not authorized for this Paymentcode.
230 Options not allowed
231 Supplier missing!
232 Supplier not available!
233 Enddate equal or smaller than begindate!
234 number of Pax is missing!
300 Availability Sonne und Strand: &
301 Booking Sonne und Strand: &
302 Address for Retailer or Customer not found
303 Cancel Sonne und Strand: &
304 Booking Inter Chalet: &
305 Booking CRS Layer Supplier &: &
306 Availability CRS Layer Supplier &: &
307 Booking H2H: &
308 Booking H2H Layer Supplier &: &
309 Availability H2H &: &
310 Objekt is not available
311 Cancel not possible without any invoice!
312 Interface object, if changes are needed, pls. contact the responsible BO
500 Percentage for Services is missing ( & & & )
501 Vacancydate is lost &.
502 That do not delete code is well-known &
503 No history is available
504 End of history
505 Start of history
506 Problem with Serviceallotemnt / no data modifyd.
507 Extrabed not possible you need to book minmun maxpax.
503 No history is available
504 End of history
505 Start of history
506 Problem with Serviceallotemnt / no data modifyd.
507 Extrabed not possible you need to book minmun maxpax.
508 OB/HC Booking On Request is not allowed!
900 Can not create a new Reservationnumber
901 Data cannot be stored & (Data base error)
902 Data cannot be stored. The Programm is not consistent: &
903 Reservation can not &. Reservationnumber missing.
920 Technical error: Number of persons is missing.
921 Technical error: Currency for Sell missing
922 Technical error: Sellprice for Reservation is 0.00
923 Technical error: Currency for Domestic missing
924 Technical error: Sellprice for Object is 0.00
925 Technical error: Purchaseprice for Object is 0.00
926 Technical error: Insert- or Update-Channel not found &
927 Technical error: Reservation status is unknown &
928 Technical error: Internal Table Error from &
929 Technical error: That do not cancel code is well-known & &
930 Technical error: Run code is not valid &
931 Technical error: Function code is not valid &
932 Technical error: Combination of run- and function-code is not valid & &
933 Technical error: Insert Object without Availability is not valid ( & )
934 Technical error: Payment-Term not Found. SO: & Retaler: & Customer: &
935 Technical error: Table for Payment Terms not found.
936 Technical error: Payment-Term & not found in Table
937 Technical error: Missing Reservation Number
982 Select Invoice or Voucher
998 Message Text not found in T100 (SE91)
999 Please inform IT: & & & &